This was a pretty good article from Alternet by Greta Christina on questions that some atheists may find annoying or downright insulting.

Our family has only recently become secular. With the exception of my mother and brother, we haven’t had many discussions with our other religious family and friends about that change. I imagine it’s a fairly uncomfortable subject for most. But I’m certain some of the questions on this list have occurred to those that know we are not religious anymore.

What stood out for me were the the questions about being moral without god and finding meaning in life apart from belief in a god. Both take a great deal of personal responsibility. It can be scary to know that it is solely up to you to make life decisions for yourself and to create meaning in your life. But, as many atheists who were formerly religious can attest to, coming to grips with that reality ends up being quite liberating. It feels like chains have been lifted from your neck, as you do not have to be guided by guilt trips to think a certain way or to make a certain decision. You can use reason, logic and true compassion, while looking at each challenge in life on a case-by-case basis. You can be comfortable changing your mind about something once you get new information. Which makes perfect sense!

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  1. I can’t even tell you how much that annoys me. Honestly, I don’t talk to many ppl about my atheism. I feel it’s my personal belief just as religious folk have theirs. However, my dad does constantly, in his own subtle way, try to convince me that I’m wrong. He even blames himself for not being the kind of parent that pressured me into being a believer. He taught us to have our own mind. Because of that, and partly because of a lot of the things he said to us as kids that made me reisit religion, I began to research and discovered my own atheism.

    We were never a super-religous family in the first place. But I did feel as though I HAD to have this faith. And because I didn’t have it, searched hard and couldn’t find it, I thought something was wrong with me. I often cried over the fact that I just could not fill this void with the “GOD” that everyone else seemed to adore.

    When I finally realised that maybe this void I was feeling was not because I couldn’t find their God, but because I was resisting the fact that I really never believed in this supernatural being in the first place. When I let that sink in, I literally exhaled and all was better in my world.

    I am not a criminal. I am super sensitive. I have lots of compassion for others…to a fault. And the thought of doing something or someone wrong sickens me. How can atheists be accused of not having morals when the very thing they read for their “morality” really teaches against it, as well as common sense. If there is a God and I am punished for not believing in HIM, as they say, then at least I can die knowing that I treated people well and I helped when I could. Can they say the same thing?

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