I follow a blogger who unschools her children and can best be described as a liberal Christian. I mostly like a lot of her pieces on spanking and children, as she advocates not using corporal punishment.

In one of her latest FB statuses, she says she read another post from a blogger that referred to her as an “AP blogger”. “AP” as in “Attachment Parenting”. She said this didn’t sit well with her because she doesn’t like labels and it causes people to pigeon-hole you.

Fair enough, I mostly agree. But only to an extent, because labels can be useful. For both children and adults, it helps to label things in order to make sense of your world. But with maturity and experience, you learn that people are complex beings and rarely fall neatly into categories. Unless they’re pod people.

I suppose the problem is that many adults never evolve to this line of thinking. So when one runs into these types, you have to give up control and not care what they think of you.

Also, some people are so in love with being different or thinking on another wavelength, that they become obnoxious.

“Don’t label me because I am sooooo singular and think out of the box!!”

I think this dweebishness happens when you, again, keep caring what people think of you. There is nothing wrong with being concerned about being clear on a given position to promote understanding. But after while, some people are going to think what they want to think about you. And that is their choice and responsibility.

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