Yup, in about two weeks it will be September. Can’t believe how quick the summers go. DH grumbled yesterday about how he noticed the sun going down a bit earlier…yeah, one of the telltale signs of Fall coming this way.

Well, I say there is always something cool about each season. Just focus on that until your favorite season rolls around again!

We’ve had a lot going on; a beach trip and family visiting for almost three weeks took up late July and much of August. We hope to make one more trip to Gig Harbor to visit DH’s grandmother Labor Day weekend and then #1 son starts school…homeschool that is.

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Last year, I followed a neat, simple curriculum from Brightly Beaming Resources, created by homeschool mom Katrina Lybbert. She is Christian, but does not weave in any religious ideas or materials into the lessons. It’s very flexible and you can use her ideas verbatim or add elements that you feel are better for your child.

We had a weekly theme (sun, for instance), letter and number to learn about, and books to read on the theme; plus some kind of craft project. There is plenty of other free stuff out there, but I really like Lybbert’s site. It gave me a wonderful foundation for organizing our curriculum.

This year will have those same elements, but with the addition of science and geography/social studies (learning very basic info about the different countries). Instead of a letter for the week, there is a sound blend of the week with one spelling word each day. For math, I’m using Kindergarten worksheets from School Sparks. If we like them, I’ll consider buying the books.

In addition to the above, we’ll have playdates with other homeschooled kids and some of his friends that are either not in preschool or in preschool part-time, plus field trips related to whatever he is learning for the week.

I’m looking forward to the year. The only challenge I’ll have is trying to keep #2 son (who is almost 16 months) occupied during the lessons at home!


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  1. Thanks so much! I’ve found that different things work for different families and it’s all good. I’ll check out homeschool creations, too.

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