All the Internet conversation regarding Jill Scott’s comments about interracial couples got me to thinking about the so-called first interracial kiss on television between Captain Kirk and Lt. Uhura on the original Star Trek series (I say” so-called” because I am not entirely sure if they were the first, but I’ll stick with popular lore).

Now, granted they were being forced to kiss by a group of sadistic aliens that were using them for entertainment via body control, but still. It was neat! I wondered, though, was it truly as big a deal as we think it was? I went onto Google to see if I could find some interviews with William Shatner or Nichelle Nichols talking about it. I found one here. Interestingly enough, Nichols says the cast didn’t really think much about it until it was almost time to air, then they started to get a little nervous. So it aired and they got an overwhelmingly positive response, except for one dude who said he didn’t believe in the races mixing, but basically says what the hell because Nichols is hot and Shatner is red-blooded American male (I’m paraphrasing here).

And what was up with Shatner side-stepping Leonard Nimoy? Apparently in the original script, Spock and Uhura were supposed to kiss…smh.

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