Michelle McCrary, from Is That Your Child Radio, interviewed me a few weeks ago and it was posted on July 6. I loved it! I had so much fun talking with Michelle about raising mixed kids, interracial relationships, natural hair and being a brown nerd. You can listen to the interview here.

Time was limited, so we didn’t get to talk about nerd stuff as much as I wanted to. As an African-American woman, I don’t fit the usual mold in a lot of areas; for instance I am not religious (I am, in fact, an atheist and secular humanist). And I have always loved science-fiction in any form (books/television/movies) and comics. I can’t think of one girlfriend during my childhood/teen years that shared my interest in any of these things.

Speaking of sci-fi, now that my religious/philosophical leanings have evolved, I’ve come to appreciate even more the creative genius of Gene Roddenberry and the future he imagined in Star Trek. I’m thinking that will be the subject of a future post!

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  1. Yes, can’t wait for the next opportunity to talk with Michelle. Thanks, Nikki!

  2. I loved your interview! Just finally had time to listen yesterday. Life has been crazy, so I’m a little behind on my ITYC listening. I loved your hope for your kids–that they’d be able to state who they are without having to choose sides. I hope the same thing for my kids–that they don’t have to be acting white or ghetto or whatever. Just let them be who they are. It really was fun to listen to your conversation with Michelle. Keep us posted on your story! Have you heard whether or not it will be published?

  3. Thanks for listening! No, haven’t heard yet about who the finalists are. Their festival is in October, so I imagine we’ll know by beginning of September. I’ll definitely post an update.

  4. I toooooootally agree with you!!!! I am from Puerto Rico and my hbsaund from Haiti…so our daughter is a cute mixed girl, too! We are teaching her about her family background, too…We want her to grow up in touch with her raices! So far, she is learning not only English but Spanish and French, too. BTW, love your blog! and hope that you feel well very soon!

  5. I plan on doing the same thing for me and Big Man’s future chrdlien. I plan on teaching them about both their cultures so they know exactly where there mama and daddy came from.

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