Episode 12 ends the first (and hopefully not last) season of the Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl. A love triangle developed between the title character J, her co-worker Fred and White Jay. In “The Decision”, she decides to pursue a romantic relationship White Jay, which I am pleased about.

And not just because I am biased towards interracial couples.

Despite her serious crushing on Fred, J didn’t really have a connection with him. If you’ve watched the series from the beginning (and if you have not, DO IT) for a while there, she really hated her job and maybe Fred being so nice to her (and being a cutie of course) led to her developing feelings for him.

So for whatever reason, when she meets White Jay, and connects better with him. The writing illustrated that, so I am glad they stayed consistent.

Not only do they connect, but there is so much comedic material with their relationship because both are hilariously awkward (a scene during their third date in this episode will have you feeling extremely uncomfortable and then subsequently rolling on the floor with laughter). Plus, you’ve got a unique romantic pairing that is pretty much non-existent on any show, network or web.

I’m really thankful to Issa Rae for creating this series. If you want to donate to help with the second season, click here.

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