Whether or not to spank your kids is a hot topic. I’d say most Americans think spanking is okay. Many others consider it abuse. Some are on the fence.

I recently read a blog post from Demand Euphoria about this disconnect some have between kind of thinking spanking is ok…but kind of not….but kind of is…in extreme cases…

You get the drift. There is conflict.

I know how that feels. Both my husband and I were spanked. For me, by the time I came along my mom lost the desire to continue with this line of discipline because she said she hated it.

Mom did follow through on not spanking as much or for as petty reasons as her mother did (e.g. eye-rolling). But my grandmother’s perspective (she passed away earlier this year) also shifted in older age; she said many times that in retrospect, spanking did nothing to improve behavior.

We don’t want to think badly of our parents if in all other areas, they were kind to us. But, as the blogger from Demand Euphoria said, our parents are human and they just didn’t know any better. Thinking they were wrong for spanking, doesn’t mean you have to hate your parents.

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