Like most kids his age, if my #1 is hungry or tired, meltdowns are inevitable.

But while I believe that a child may not truly be as hungry as we think (so eating a piece of toast and some milk may really be enough to fill them up at the moment) sleep is a different story. Little ones, without question, need a lot more sleep than we do. But because they are having so many new experiences, they are the last ones to admit to being tired.

So today it dawned on me that #1 may not be getting all the sleep that he needs.

There is a lot going on. He’s getting older and loves being busy; particularly practicing his spelling and playing with his trains. And there is the ever curious little brother that keeps changing before his eyes. SO also gets home at around 6pm and after dinner is playtime with dad.

But among all that, he needs good sleep. He seemed to be getting tired later and later in the day, so initially I thought he was starting to grow out of his naps. By 5pm he’d be about to fall asleep in his chair. But he didn’t seem to get tired until 2:30 or 3pm. Then, almost every time, I’d go to wake him up from nap at 5pm and instead of bounding out of bed he is moody, crying and not wanting to get up. In addition, his general behavior is out of pocket at times. Over the top even for a 3 year old extrovert.

So, I believe that he starts to get tired earlier than I think; like around 1 or 1:30. When he is not put down, he gets a second wind that makes it seem like he is not tired. When that burns out, and he goes for his nap later, then is woken up at 5-ish, he whines and is moody because he needs more sleep.

Regardless of how he seems, nap time will need to be at 1pm. I’ll assess things after a week to what is different or the same.

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