#1 chillin in the Ergo and me, smiling really hard, in Cannon Beach, Ore.


This week is International Babywearing Week. I was very surprised to see there was not an Oregon chapter of Babywearing International. I know what you’re thinking…start one up yourself!

As far as I know, I am the first person in my family to babywear (and exclusively breastfeed, for that matter). When my #1 was born, we bought the obligatory Baby Bjorn. But as most parents know, your baby will grow out of that roughly five minute after they’re born. And your back will yell at you for the abuse being heaped upon it. I got a Moby Wrap, which I found is great for infants but for me, it got a bit cumbersome as the baby gets older (however, its still way more comfortable than a Baby Bjorn).

So when my son was about seven or eight months, we researched the best baby carriers and decided on the Ergo. Best investment ever. Awesome on the back and and you wear baby front, back and sideways. For a long time, I would walk #1 down to sleep for naps and night-sleeping in the Ergo. The same Ergo is still going strong for #2 (who is almost 6 months) who pretty much lives in it while I am doing things around the house (parenting #1, cooking, laundry, doing my hair, etc.). In fact, he is napping in it right now, as I am writing this.

There are plenty of other carriers that are good, too. Just depends on your preference.

Things like breastfeeding and babywearing are practices that folks in industrialized nations “rediscover” after abandoning it for decades (or even centuries). It’s definitely a step in the right direction, as our species has survived on raising our children like this for millions of years. But once our culture gets a hold of something, it inevitably gets commodified, like this article talks about regarding breastfeeding.

I hope more people discover the joys and advantages of babywearing this week. And maybe I should get started on that Oregon chapter…

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  1. I loved wearing my baby when she was small-it was such a huge help to me and to her. I really love the new look of the site. I also wanted to let you know A Cup of Curiosity is one of my Top 5 Liebster Blogs and you have a Liebster Award! I don’t know if you take part in awards like this, but I just wanted to let people know that they should be reading your blog!

  2. Never heard of the Liebster Awards, but after a quick google, I see now! Thanks so much! I’ll be sure to spread the good Karma and link you in my next post!

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