Somehow my husband and I just fell into attachment parenting.

From our decision to exclusively breastfeed, sprung the desire to find ways of rearing our children in a way that will yield the least emotional damage possible. No spanking, no shaming, no threats, etc.

So part of AP is co-sleeping. Our #1 son, who is three, has been sleeping with us since he was 7 month old. Before that, I tried the crib thing (in our room) and after one night of no sleep, I put him in our bed and he’s slept like a dream since (naps were another matter, however). So we’ve all been roomies for almost 3 years.

Now, our #2 son is 4 months old. The four of us co-sleeping doesn’t work because #1 sleeps like he is fighting off a pack of hyenas in his dreams. So #2 and I slept in the twin and SO and #1 were in the king. But the last three nights we’ve put #1 in his room.

He doesn’t like it.

Oh, he’ll stay in the bed. After lots of stories and talking. Once or twice in the night he may cry. SO will console him and he will go back to sleep.

But he says, “I want to sleep in the big bed.”

We say, “Do you like your own bed?”

He says, “I may cry.”

Meaning, he may get upset because he doesn’t want to be by himself. He told my SO this last night and to me today when we talked.

We told him we understood. We’re going to brainstorm to see how we can have a solution everyone will like. We’ve tried the toddler mattress on the floor of our bedroom, but he is getting a bit tall for it now and he doesn’t seem to like it.

In fact, I think the reasons he has been accommodating to the point he has in sleeping in his room is because:

1. he naps there during the day

2. It’s actually rather cozy in there (way better than sleeping on a mattress on the floor)

What’s missing is being with mom and dad at night.

We’ll see what we can work out.

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