A few months ago, I came upon this web series, “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl” that has me absolutely in stitches every episode.

The series chronicles the life of “J”, a black woman who has to navigate countless awkward situations in both her personal and work lives, minus the stereotypical neck-snapping and “urban” attitude. Some of her favorite pastimes includes secretly writing violent rap lyrics to help her cope and pining over Fred, a co-worker on whom she has a serious crush, but who may or may not like her back. A plus for me, is that J is natural. Yay! Watch the very first episode and see how her then boyfriend responds to her big chop.

During the latest episode, “The Stapler”, she runs into “White Boy J”, a guy she met at Fred’s birthday party. White Boy J clearly thinks she is cute, but she was so caught up in getting Fred to notice her, it kind of goes over her head. Or maybe she noticed and didn’t want to go there. In either case, at the end of this episode she ends up considering a date with White Boy J.

The two J’s have a few things in common; 1) they have the same name, 2) liking Single Ladies and 3), probably the most important, being awkward. It’s fun when  J connects with fellow awkwardites (her co-worker Cece is one) so it should be interesting to see how their relationship unfolds.

However, even after this episode Fred’s feelings for J are still a bit of a mystery to me; perhaps he will realize he likes her after finding out she is seeing White Boy J.

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