The Breast Milk Baby

I heard about this doll a few months back, so now I hear the company, Berjuan, (based in Spain) is releasing it in the U.S. market. All over the Net people are weighing in about it, saying everything from it sexualizes girls, it’s perverted, over-pushing motherhood, or it’s gross.

My take? The only reason this doll is lame is that it costs $90. Why pay this, when your daughter can take any old doll and pretend to nurse it? This company is simply trying to take advantage of the increased interest in breastfeeding. They see a market share and want to make bank. I get that.

What I don’t get, are the reasons people are giving for why it’s inappropriate.

“Sexualizes girls, is perverted or gross.”

Honestly, if you’re thinking along these lines, you’re the perverted one. But it’s cultural. We’ve over-sexualized breasts. However, since more and more women are breastfeeding, this bit of cultural insanity needs to stop. We need to make an effort to change our thinking on this. Women’s breasts have had the ability to lactate since the beginning of time; our sexual objectification of breasts is a new phenomenon. It’s time to evolve, folks.

“Over-pushing motherhood.”

Meaning, to the exclusion of other life pursuits. Okay, I don’t even know where to start with this. The idea that motherhood is lesser than or not as important as a career or is a booby trap (pun intended) to be avoided is a very narrow-minded view to have. This reminds me of writer Rebecca Walker’s issues with her own mother, author Alice Walker; Rebecca reportedly says she was not allowed to play with dolls growing up because of Alice’s feminist views.

Bottomline: some women have insecurity issues as it relates to being genetically female and all that comes with having a uterus. They need to check that mess at the door and not project their own fears onto their daughters. DD can bloom with whatever path she chooses.

Daughters naturally copy their mothers. If she sees mom breastfeeding, she might try to mimic this with her dolls. That’s why we have dolls with bottles. So while I don’t advocate spending almost $100 on a doll, there is nothing wrong with the idea behind it and the company does not deserve the derision they are getting.

Like I said. It’s time to evolve.