The second half of The Walking Dead is really picking up. Why couldn’t they have maintained this pace in 7A? At some point before season 8 arrives, I’d like to do a re-watch of the entire 7th season and take apart what worked and what didn’t.

Sasha and Rosita

I’ve read some complaints about Sasha doing a 360 in abandoning Rosita and running into the Sanctuary, kamikaze style. I disagree somewhat. Sasha has be plotting to kill Negan since the Lucillings. Rosita just gave her the means. And yes, Plan A was to shoot Negan, sniper-style, from inside the building near the Sanctuary, but that is not a risk-free endeavor. There was no guarantee they would be able to get away before being captured. This entire idea to “go get Negan” is foolish, especially considering they both knew Rick and Co. are working on a rebellion.

That being said, I don’t like Sasha sacrificing herself for Rosita. I say sacrifice, because it’s obvious what will happen (I hope I’m wrong!). They’re doing a lot of character development with Rosita and it has not come full circle yet, meaning, she will probably live to see season 8. Sasha has been through a lot and worked out her trauma from losing Tyreese and Bob. Yes, she lost Abraham, but instead of sending her over the edge for more junk to work out, it’s given her a steely calm. She said in this episode that Negan took Abraham’s choice to go down fighting and I think that’s what she wants to do for him. This isn’t an emotional decision. It’s a rational one. She doesn’t want to die, but she is not afraid of dying.

Rosita wants to die. And she has not worked her junk out. Sasha knew this and that’s why she locked Rosita out and went into the Sanctuary.

To summarize, I’m happy Rosita is getting some shine, but upset that it seems Sasha’s time is up.


Oh, my gosh. This. Fool. Okay? I remain intrigued, but Eugene’s behavior is upsetting. But I am not surprised. I said in this post that he is just trying to survive with a long-term con and this episode confirmed that. Now, does he really believe that running society Negan’s way is right? This is the upsetting part. I don’t know. I mean, his crying and sniveling. He was afraid they’d get caught and he’d get lumped in with them, I guess? Or if he escaped successfully, Negan would track him down and he’d get killed?

Maggie and Daryl

So much drama on the interwebs about this. The Daryl haters are livid that his grief seems to be overshadowing Maggie’s. I don’t see it this way. At least not completely. I think this scene was all about Maggie’s strength and resolve to keep her eye on the goal, which is too destroy Negan. If there was ever a point where she did blame Daryl, writers clearly do not want to dwell on it. I don’t think Daryl is to blame for Glenn’s death, but he definitely had a role in it, due to his impetuous behavior. While I don’t hate Daryl, I do think that his character needs to grow up. Case in point: he almost attacks that Savior in the cellar where he and Maggie are hiding. Dumb move. Was this to show that Daryl really, really, really hates the Saviors? Do we not know this by now? To me, it just shows that he has not learned his lesson from the last time he lost it and it led to someone getting killed. Also, he left the Kingdom, when Rick explicitly tells him to stay. Sure, the idea of Daryl trying to convince King Ezekiel to fight is silly. But, maybe it’s an opportunity for character growth? Just a suggestion. So he leaves. Why? Oh, I don’t know, maybe it’s a way to get him out of the Kingdom because Carol was going to leave the creepy house soon, and she needs to cozy up to the King without Daryl being around.

I see what you’re doing, writers! You need to do better.

Next week, my lovelies, Richonne (and Carl!) return. Eric is holding a gun, and doing something besides whining to Eric. Yay! And we’re back at the Oceanside community!

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