Great episode. Acting was superb all around.


We sometimes forget that these characters have experienced some intense trauma since the ZA began. Losing spouses, children, friends. When Morgan called Benjamin “Duane” by mistake, my heart lurched. Of course he is still grieving his son’s death. When Benjamin died, we witnessed Morgan almost completely become unhinged. And since he did make the choice to kill Richard (strangling him with his bare hands, no less) he’s lost a bit of his mind for sure. Clearly, Aikido was holding him together mentally. So it makes sense now why he was trying so hard to hold onto the “all life is precious” stance. What he’s really trying to hold onto is his mental stability.

Let me add that I was greatly disturbed that no one stopped Morgan from strangling Richard. I understand that King Ezekiel probably intuited that something major with up between Richard and Morgan right before the Saviors arrived. Perhaps everyone was in extreme shock. But at least one person should have jumped up and tried to stop Morgan, yes? Sure, he was scary and unpredictable in that moment (even the lead Savior flinched when Morgan stepped close to him). But still. Poor writing maybe?


So Carol is acting like a human again! Kudos to Morgan for telling her about Glenn and Abe’s deaths without any buffering. I’m glad she reached out and essentially switched places with him. Right now, I think she is in a better place emotionally and mentally than Morgan is.

Ben and Richard

Very sad about Benjamin, though he had “sacrificial lamb” written on his forehead for a while now. I am not mad at Richard, but he was incredibly stupid. His willingness to “use” Ben’s death was pretty low. I think he did want to die, but I’m still side-eyeing Morgan for obliging him so readily. I don’t think Richard deserved to die and I’m not sure Morgan really wanted to do it. It just happened. I view Richard’s death as someone who found themselves in the path of an oncoming train and couldn’t get out the way.


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