I gave it a 9 out of 10.


This couple is going to kill me.

I loved Michonne helping Rick defeat the Thunderdome/punk zombie and not standing around fretting. His kiss on her forehead was so sweet. And giving her that cat. An undeniable receipt that Rick has been intrigued by Michonne, in that way, since the prison after their mutual animosity disappeared (let it sink into your brain: at some point during their time at the prison, he walked by her cell, noticed that rainbow cat, and filed that away, guys). Proof that the writers were creating a crumb trail leading to that canon episode. Richonners were not imaging things.

Rick and Michonne’s relationship feels normal. There is no angst. It’s the perfect mix of romance and friendship. They have been acting as the “mom and dad” of the group since season 5, after everyone reconnected post-Terminus. Nothing about their relationship, or their personalties as individuals, has fundamentally changed post-canon and it’s gratifying to watch.

Father G and Rick

Father G was an shifty coward when we first met him and I am delighted with how he has come full circle, in a manner that is realistic. While I was not a fan of the opening scene in 7.9, it was overall a decent way to both introduce the Garbage People and showcase the bond between Father G and Rick (honorable mention is his relationship with Aaron, too). With Glenn and Abe gone, Rick needs some bosom guy friends.

Carol and Daryl

Loved the scenes between them. I’m still sick of Carol, but I have always loved the relationship that she has with Daryl. She is on the same journey as Morgan, trying to hard to hold onto her humanity and isolating herself is the only way she knows how to do it. With Morgan, it’s the stick. I just wish they would not have her act so bitchy to people about it (I mean, you have people bringing you cobbler and you’re scowling at them, Carol). It was also very kind of Daryl not to tell her about Glenn and Abe, even though he very much wants revenge on the Saviors. Clearly, he does not want this at the expense of his friend’s mental state. Now, I am not sure where he thinks he is going since the Saviors want his hide and most likely will force Rick to take it from him. But perhaps at this point, he knows this won’t happen and they would all just go down fighting if it came to anything like the nonsense that happened with the Lucilling.

Morgan’s Stick

Morgan’s face when that petty Savior took his stick. He looked like someone took his blankie. He’s close to losing it.

Garbage People

How long has it been since the zombie apocalypse started? Not long enough for them to be acting like they are a decades old cult. I thought their leader, Jadis, was interesting, though. Perhaps there is a story here that began before the turn happened. In any case, I don’t trust them (duh). Pretty sure Rick will get stabbed in the back, but it’s a smart, calculated risk with the information and resources they have at the moment.

Richard, What Are You Doing?

I liked his character until he decided it was okay to get an innocent person killed to provoke King E to fight. Incredibly, I don’t distrust him because I know his hatred for the Saviors is sealed and he is clearly loyal to King E, but he’s probably going to do something stupid and get someone killed.

Cheap Green Screen

This is why I gave it a 9. What was up with that god-awful green screen when Rick and the Garbage People were at the top of the pile of trash? Was that on purpose? To give it more of a corny 80s feel? I have a feeling it was and…NOPE, that was dumb. An “E” for effort.

Final Thoughts

There was a lot of character-centered interactions in this episode and this is what TWD does best. I want to see evidence that these people care about each other. Next week, we’ll be at the Sanctuary, seeing how Eugene is doing and watching Dwight continue to be a shell of a person. SNORE (except for Eugene). I don’t miss episodes, so I’m not going to try to act high and mighty, like I’m going to skip it. I won’t.


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