After a dismal first half, the midseason premiere of The Walking Dead was pretty near awesome for me. I gave it a 9 out of 10. Not a 10 because there were parts that felt a little uneven to me. The direction? The cinematography? Rosita’s attitude and Carol’s bitchiness? I’m not sure, still musing on that.

Just to clear the air, I am a huge Richonne fan. Anything that happens regarding Rick and Michonne will get full, unrestrained, and possibly embarrassing, attention. Embarrassing to others, not me, you understand. You’ve been warned.

Team Family Back At It

Our 7B starts out strong with Team Family together and making plans to take Negan down and I am here for it. They ask Gregory for help with Negan (he says no, hilariously; however his people say, “Yes, teach us to fight”), connect with King Ezekiel (who, much more respectfully, also says no), meet back up with Morgan (who updates them on Carol) and have the audacity to steal explosives from Negan and take out a zombie herd by clotheslining them with a metal wire attached to two cars. Like, what? That was a glorious action sequence.

It was gratifying to see everyone on point like this, given The First Half of a Season That Shall Not Be Named, where our heroes and sheroes were scattered and traumatized and we didn’t see some characters for weeks. I completely understand that we needed to get familiar with and introduced to new groups. But it was still an unpleasant viewing experience. Judging by what executive producers and show runner Scott Gimple have said in various interviews, this was on purpose. Fine, fine. Moving on.

Carol and Rosita

I am exhausted with Queen Carol. How many times are we going to watch people be concerned about her, and she, in turn, treats them like the dirt beneath her feet? Since Daryl was left at The Kingdom, I assume he’ll run into or try to find Carol, tell her about Glenn and Abraham’s deaths (and Spencer’s and Olivia’s), that’ll snap her out of her emo-ration, so we can move her story along here. In my Ming the Merciless voice, “I’M BORED.”

I thought Rosita put on her Big Girl Underwear and had a truce with Sasha, but obviously not. I suspect she is angry about her part…wait. It was her entire fault. Right. She is angry about her 100 percent involvement in the event leading to Olivia’s death. You know, her half-baked attempt to take Negan out. I get it. But why be pissy at Sasha? I guess this drama will lead to something, so I’ve got popcorn.

Richonne Highlights

The hand hold that I barely registered the first time I watched, but it’s there. Their teamwork taking down the zombie herd. Michonne comforting/encouraging Rick after their close call getting back into the car (in which I agree with Rosita, it was too close). Their collective eye-rolls when Morgan suggested “just capturing Negan or whatever”. Perfection.

Another group? And they have guns!

Looking forward to seeing who this new group is that was mean-mugging Team Family really, really hard and invading their personal space. Rick grinned. He has a plan.

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